Our Elephants 

Tong Bai 

  • Tong Bai came to happy elephant home in 2015 and is now 42 years old. 

  • In Thai her name means ‘golden leaf’. 

  • She started her working life as a logging elephant but there was an accident that injured her knees and hip so was taken to be a riding elephant instead.

  • She still has the imprint of the basket on her back which makes her easy to spot in the herd. 

  • Due to her untreated injuries she is unable to bend her back left leg and so has to swing her leg when she walks. 

  • She is a very gentle, slow old elephant. 

  • Her mahout is Johnny. 


  • Molo was the first elephant to arrive at Happy Elephant Home in 2014. 

  • She is the oldest, at 48 years old and the smallest elephant in the herd. 

  • She was rescued from the logging industry.

  • She is blind in her right eye and because of this she moves very slowly. 

  • Her best friend in the herd is Bella. The only time you see Molo move quickly is when Bella calls to her. 

  • Her mahout is Shi. 

Our dogs

Happy Elephant Home is not just a safe place for Elephants but there are also dogs who are cared for and looked after at the park. 


Ta Dam

Tong Bai 5