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Meet our Elephants


  • Molo was the first elephant to arrive at Happy Elephant Home in 2014. 

  • She is the oldest, at 50 years old and the smallest elephant in the herd. 

  • She was rescued from the logging industry.

  • She is blind in her right eye and because of this she moves very slowly. 

  • Molo's favourite thing is to go swimming in the river.

  • Her mahout is Nini. 


  • Mojiko is our newest arrival at Happy Elephant Home coming in January 2023.

  • Mojiko is around 50 years old.

  • She has very quickly become best friends with Molo and they go everywhere together. 

  • Mojiko has previously been used in a riding camp which closed due to covid.

  • She then spent 2 years not working and living at her owners home before being able to join us at Happy. 

  • Her mahout is Artur. 

Bua Bann

  • Bua Bann arrived at Happy Elephant Home in 2022.

  • During the pandemic Bua Bann was kept in the local village chained in one spot.

  • Bua Bann was very skinny and malnourished during this time.

  • We are so happy she is thriving and gaining weight since joining us at Happy Elephant Home. 

  • Her mahout is Nunu.

Our dogs

Happy Elephant Home is not just a safe place for Elephants but there are also dogs who are cared for and looked after at the park. 

Photo 01-02-2023, 03 35 58.jpg


Photo 27-01-2023, 05 52 13.jpg

Ta Dam

Photo 01-02-2023, 04 11 09.jpg


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